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From robust strategic architecture to the fully functional launch of your website, we at VicDigit Technologies understand the fruits that a well-designed website can deliver. An efficiently designed website attracts more visitor traffic and reduces the bounce-back rate while increasing site engagement.

It is more SEO-friendly and easier to run digital marketing campaigns as search engines like Google prefer well-designed sites with an intuitive UI and enhanced user experience.

Vicdigit Technologies is a website development and design company in Lucknow offering custom solutions as per your needs, market trends, and audience insights that fall right into your budget. We understand the need of every business to have a website that generates more leads and sales, and that is precisely what we strive for.

Whether it's B2B or B2C, our team of innovators can undertake and accomplish complex web design and development challenges that align with your goals and objectives.

Web Design Company in Lucknow

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In this hyper-competitive market, your business website has 3-7 seconds to make a stellar first impression. Without a clear-cut message and an interactive user experience, the chances are that your prospects are going to ditch you over your competitor.

This is where we step in.

We aim to retain prospects on your website for better engagement and sure-shot results. VicDigit Technologies, a Web Design Company in Lucknow, can help you achieve your business goals.

Web Design Company in Lucknow

Our Services

E-commerce web design

We offer an unparalleled digital shopping experience with a result-oriented approach. VicDigit Technologies can create secure and easy-to-navigate e-commerce solutions that deliver results from the word 'go.' We have created numerous digital stores with advanced functionalities and seamless user experiences that turn prospects and leads into repeat buyers.

WordPress Web Design

Vicdigit Technologies creates WordPress web designs that are user-friendly with a high conversion rate. We use a result-driven approach to create stellar websites powered by WordPress and optimized thoroughly for search. Our experts are here to help you set up and manage intuitive and interactive WordPress sites for your business.

Shopify web design

We have thorough expertise in creating custom Shopify themes that go beyond regular templates. Collaborate with us for custom Shopify themes optimized to boost conversion and set your brand apart from competitors.

Responsive Web Design

Designing a website is more complex today due to the various devices on which a user may view it. We are experts in responsive web design that maintains its aesthetic uniformity across all devices like mobiles, tablets, PCs, and laptops irrespective of their screen size and proportion.

Website Redesign Services

We are specialists in transforming outdated or underperforming websites into highly creative, functional, and effective websites. Trust us to revamp your site and offer you the ROI your business deserves.

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is renting a virtual space on a server to make your site available to users. Vicdigit technologies offer reliable web hosting services to manage your static or dynamic website and domain name with superior load balance and peak performance.

Custom Website Design

A well-built custom website design gives your customers a clear idea of your business's core values, offerings, and value proposition. Our team of experts is proficient in making scalable, SEO-friendly, and customer-oriented websites that complement your brand strategy and target audience.

E-Commerce Web Development

A well-organized eCommerce website is similar to a mall store, where the first impression counts. A stunning display will attract customers, and a well-organized store will inspire them to browse and buy. Cluttered and disorganized stores discourage customers from walking in, and they will lose sales.

Wordpress Web Development

In the last few years, WordPress has gained a great deal of popularity as one of the best website-building tools. In addition, it has evolved a lot to serve the diverse needs of digital and business ecosystems in recent years.

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At our heart, we are problem solvers with a unique ability to craft custom solutions as per every business's varying needs. With hundreds of professional websites successfully deployed, VicDigit, a web development company in Lucknow, offers exceptional yet affordable web development solutions.

We also provide Website Development, Digital, Professional, Interface Design, And Web Engineering. We believe in collaborating with businesses irrespective of their size. Using immense experience and our strategic expertise, Vicdigit harnesses the latest technologies to increase visitor traffic and boost sales for any organization.


Creating a website today is very easy, thanks to the numerous DIY templatized services available on the internet today. But, getting a quality web design through professionals yields much more results than just good first impressions: 


A great website lends credibility to your business. A well-designed website incorporates the latest design trends with a compelling theme that drives visitors to a fulfill a call to action.


Websites that are built by experts implement consistency throughout. A good website should have the same fonts, styles, and layout across all its web pages. This consistency helps visitors to focus on what you want to communicate to them.

Engage Prospects

The least you'd expect from your website is that it engages as many prospects as possible. Conversions are great, but having a high engagement rate from your website is a positive sign that would be rewarding in the long run.

Financial benefits of digital strategy

A strategically designed website is likely to convert more leads into well-qualified prospects. This would boost your sales and result in increased revenue for your business. Additionally, a robust digital marketing strategy acts as a catalyst and aids in even higher revenues in a relatively short period.


When you start getting leads through the website, you want to convert them to buy or engage with you. This is where call-to-action buttons play a key role. These buttons follow the same theme and colors as the rest of your website and encourage prospects to certain actions or on to the next step.

This could be as simple as a contact button but can also initiate registrations, memberships, newsletter services, etc.


VicDigit Technologies has been a force in the digital sphere for ten years. We have assisted businesses of all sizes to grow and meet their objectives through our expert web design services and creative design concepts. With a robust integration of web designing and digital marketing strategy, we have driven numerous leads and turned them into long-term prospects for our clients.

Our website designers have the drive, technical ability, and industry know-how to bring quantifiable results to any organization. We maintain the highest industry standards in delivering dynamic and responsive designs that adhere to your brand values. Join the family of hundreds of organizations with whom we have collaborated for versatile results and a partnership spanning years.


We love digital. And we love to leverage digital proficiency to bring a distinct value proposition to our clients. Our web engineers and digital marketers have a passion for bringing success to any organization in a way that is beneficial for the business.

Vic Digit Technologies, a website designing company in Lucknow, creates aesthetic, intuitive, and easy-to-use web designs with a result-driven approach to meet organizational goals.

We are on your side at every step of web designing, from conceptualization to launch and then maintenance and updates. We have a tried and tested strategy that helps to deliver the desired result as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We will work closely with you & your team to create a framework for development. You'll know exactly when we'll reach key milestones, like the website's launch, with regular updates at every phase of web designing.

Expeditious Design & Development

Post the initial discovery, we start by registering your domain name, setting up hosting, creating content, and building an engaging website that works seamlessly on all devices. And we do all this in a jiffy. Get in touch with us to know the timeline of your web design project.

In-person Video Consultations

Our project manager and web design team will set up a communication channel over Skype, Zoom, or Facebook at a time that is convenient for you. During the consultations, we will go through all questions or queries that you may have at any step of the process.

Your Local Web Design Team, No Outsourcing

All web design work at our agency is done locally. You will always have a point of contact with our project managers and the designing team in Lucknow while your website is being built and long after it is launched.

Technically Up-to-date & Mobile-friendly Website

All websites we design have mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly features which simplify content and functionality updates at any time in the future. In short, you get a website that scales with your business.


Our Data-driven web design process



Every process starts with the 'why.' Web development is no different, and successful strategies can only be implemented with clear-cut goals and objectives. This calls for a discussion where we understand the underlying goals of the website, the target audience, and the website's desired features and functionalities.


Information Architecture

The next step is to develop a sitemap that maps out the content structure and navigation of the site. Information architecture is vital for structuring your website in a way in which all information is easily accessible by visitors.



Wireframes are visual representations of a site or pages where the proposed concepts and ideas come to life. We'll develop a wireframe to illustrate the components & proposed content flow of the website during this phase.


Design Concepts

Once the site architecture is finalized, it's time to focus on creating an intuitive and interactive visual design experience appealing to users. VicDigit Technologies, a top website development company in Lucknow, goes beyond attractive colors to create web designs that resonate with the user to make it convenient for them to access and navigate the site.


Content Development

It is now time to give direction to all the designs and components of the website. After due deliberation, we'll create content on your site that will provide users with all information on-site and help them navigate easily. Our content is SEO-friendly with all the keywords in place, which will optimize your website to rank high on search engines.



Development is what makes the website responsive and functional, which in turn renders a positive user experience. VicDigit Technology has a dynamic team of designers and developers who can take your site performance to the optimal level, which invites more leads and encourages conversions.



Post the development phase; the entire software is ready to test on beta servers in a privately accessed server where all the features and functionalities are examined for their responsiveness. In other words, we make sure that your website operates across all platforms and runs perfectly. 



We create websites on content management systems (CMS), making it immensely easy for you to update and manage the website. Once your site is ready and tested, we'll equip you with all the tools and expertise necessary to manage your site and update its content and design.


Monitoring and Optimization

Now that your website is up and running, it is time to focus on increasing your reach and positioning yourself in the eyes of your customers. Through constant monitoring, we understand issues in the website that need optimizing for search engine results. We have the right expertise to overcome any technological, content, or user experience challenges that may be necessary to rank on the first page in search queries.



It's the moment that we have put together through a collaborative vision and hard work. Your website will be publicly visible and accessible on search engines upon launch.


We would love to work with you on your next web design project! Our mission is to help small businesses with cutting-edge and affordable website solutions. We understand the many roles that you need to fulfill to run your business. That is where our experts can take the load from you so that you can do what you do best and we do what we do best.

We will listen to your business vision, and deliver high-quality, brand-focused content on your website that resonates with your target audience. After that, we dive deep to establish your online presence that excels in form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

The term "web design" is used to describe the whole process of developing a website's look & feel in addition to its features. Graphics, colors, typefaces, & user-friendly interfaces are only a few of the factors that go into making the user experience satisfying & straightforward.

The design of your website is one of the most important factors in getting & keeping customers. Professionalism & trustworthiness may be communicated via a well-designed website. It's a great way to make a long-lasting impact on your consumers & solidify your brand's identity.

Clean & well-organized layout, simple navigation, quick page loads, mobile responsiveness, eye-catching graphics, informative & engaging content, & powerful call-to-action buttons are all characteristics of excellent web design. Together, they provide a seamless experience for the user & boost conversions.

There are several variables that affect how long it takes to design a website, including the scope of the project, the number of pages, the functionality necessary, & the accessibility of content & resources already in existence. Although more complicated websites might take many months to design, even a basic one can be up & running in a matter of weeks.

In today's mobile-first environment, a "yes" to a responsive website design is an understatement. Due to the rise in popularity of mobile devices, it is essential that your website be compatible with all screen sizes. Your website will look great on any device thanks to responsive design, which modifies the style & content automatically.

You may simply maintain your website's content without any technical expertise using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. A content management system (CMS) makes it easy to add & modify content on your website, including text, photographs, videos, & other material.

The aesthetic elements of a website are the primary emphasis of web design. However, web development is what really gets the website up & running with all the bells & whistles. Both are necessary for launching a website, but distinct abilities are needed for each.

As the complexity & size of a web design project increases, so does the price tag. Costs for even the most basic websites sometimes range between Rs 5000 & Rs 10000. On the other hand, e-commerce & custom-feature-heavy websites might rack up a heftier price tag.

There are several benefits to working with an Indian web design firm. Companies in India can provide superior websites at competitive prices because of the country's large pool of talented web designers & developers. In addition, they usually have prior experience with foreign customers & can therefore cater to their needs.

It is important to look at a web design company's portfolio, feedback from previous customers, & general reputation before hiring them. Try to find businesses that have worked with others in your field & completed similar projects before. Make sure your expectations are met by being specific when describing your objectives & needs to the organization.

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