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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a well-established, growing sector that, for most companies, is becoming an indispensable necessity. We simply do it better at Vicdigit Technologies, BPO Companies in Lucknow. We use skilled & trained professionals, proven frameworks, & robust systems built upon ISO benchmark. In terms of costs, efficiency, process development, and customer satisfaction, you reap immediate & meaningful benefits. Through our BPO Services over time, by enhanced credibility & new customer acquisitions, we can also help you raise revenue.

At Vicdigit Technologies, BPO Companies in Lucknow, we offer integrated BPO solutions. This includes Call Center, Customer Service Center, And Process Outsourcing, technical support, back-office support. We also assist with POS/retail network support, accounting services, etc., through our BPO Services.

BPO Companies in Lucknow

Cost-Effective, Turnkey Business Process Outsourcing

Cost Savings

Most of our clients see a minimum of 50% to 60% cost reduction when we manage their numerous non-core business processes. These savings do not include other vital savings in hiring, training, terminations. Or rent, hardware expenses, management burden, telecommunications, & overhead.

Quality & Process Improvement

At Vicdigit Technologies, BPO Companies in Lucknow, we ensure continuous quality monitoring. Monitoring the quality of activities that occur between our experts & our clients' customers is a vital metric that we focus on. Via industry-leading Service Level Assurance contracts, significant quality improvements in response time, error reduction, agent efficiency & process documentation are implemented.

Accomplished Professionals

There are written assessments, interviews & a battery of psychological & language tests in our recruiting system. Further, we have recognized programs for:

  • The delivery of agent-customer service training
  • Product & domain knowledge
  • Accent neutralization for offshore professionals

To serve you better, at Vicdigit Technologies, BPO Companies in Lucknow, our personnel are ITIL Tier I, II, & III & Six Sigma certified.

Leading-Edge Technology For Comprehensive BPO Services

At Vicdigit Technologies, BPO Services Company in Lucknow, our service offerings utilize a wide range of voice, data, & network technologies. Our system is built on industry-leading platforms, including advanced telephony applications, CRM, ticketing, remote desktop control, security, & other systems.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Our Business Intelligence Solutions include historical & real-time data analytics. This enables companies to make more successful decisions about their current & prospective BPO operations. Courtesy of the insights developed, we help improve specific key performance metrics. This includes customer service & explore models of machine learning optimization to help businesses reduce costs & increase revenue. Also, enhance employee performance & realize all other business objectives.

Obtain Relevant Insights

At Vicdigit Technologies, International BPO in Lucknow. Our flexible business intelligence solutions expertise allows clients to identify areas that need enhancement. It increases lead generation, assess market share, test product feasibility, measure demand & supply, learn consumer behavior, & increase lucrative sales opportunities.

A Bird's Eye Perspective

At Vicdigit Technologies, BPO in Lucknow, we can assist via resources such as scorecards & dashboards. Our team of experienced professionals can provide decision-makers in your organization with an overall vision of your business performance. To establish your company's health across defined thresholds, we can customize solutions, milestones, & metrics. More crucially, to integrate with your business goals & strategies.

Centralizes database

Vicdigit Technologies, International BPO in Lucknow, eliminates the utilization of multiple applications, sources & systems. Our specialist team will provide you with filtered data, significantly reducing the time needed for data management, tracking & analysis. Your company will enjoy considerable savings, productivity, & access to business intelligence solutions by obtaining this knowledge under one responsive framework.

Streamline Business Processes

At Vicdigit Technologies, BPO in Lucknow, we are experienced in a wide variety of business intelligence solutions. This is designed to streamline your business processes. Clients don't have to rely on additional business activities through automating analytics. This dynamic method blends statistics, computer modeling, predictive analytics & other techniques. This enables clients to concentrate on other important business areas.

The Vicdigit Advantage

Vicdigit Technologies stays ahead of the curve & enable all our clients to create a solid niche within their respective industries by:

  • Actively deploying cutting-edge analytics, business intelligence & vital performance tools & indicators to reduce cost & optimizing performance.
  • Compliance with every applicable local, regional & international labor, intellectual property & privacy laws
  • 24*7 support & technical assistance
  • Overhauling obsolete business procedures & technologies while keeping businesses up-to-date with contemporary trends & insights
  • Enabling businesses to stay profitable & solvent, meeting business objectives

BPO companies in Lucknow vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks

BPO companies in Lucknow vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks

Employees working for business process outsourcing (BPO) firms who get infected with COVID-19 have been a source of worry ever since the epidemic broke out. It seems businesses are still trying to provide their employees with a safe working environment to do their jobs. COVID-19 has had an immersive negative impact on the BPO Companies in Lucknow. The business is being severely affected due to the substantial limitations imposed as a result of the shutdown. In turn, this has resulted in a cascade effect, which has brought the business process outsourcing sector to its knees.

Small and medium-sized businesses that relied on services from the BPO sector to support their retail operations now have no such requirement since the entire retail market and distribution route has been closed down.

This resulted in a decrease in business for BPO firms that assisted these business verticals in particular. Still, under the precarious situation, these companies are working hard to offer the best results, and in fact, the result is showing so. Moreover, as new online options are opening up gradually, the BPO companies are also upgrading themselves.

How Can BPO Companies in Lucknow Provide Effective Social Media Customer Care services?

About 67% of customers use social media like Facebook and Twitter to resolve product or service problems. They spend more on businesses that interact and react to their consumers on social media, and 70% have used social media for customer service at least once. Social media customer support positions are in high demand, and most outsource to offshore centers. So the BPO Companies In Lucknow aptly:

BPO Companies in Lucknow

Provide customized service:-

Customer involvement must optimize throughout the customer journey. They may then identify pain spots, channel preferences, habits, values, and so forth.

Invest in social media customer service (and people):-

Customers demand real-time assistance on social media due to the fast-paced nature and feeling of immediacy. Despite this, it takes an average of 12 hours for social media replies to reach them, compared to only 56 seconds over the phone.

Invest in training:-

To keep a workforce of qualified and dynamic agents, managers need to provide ongoing training. This not only keeps agent's skills and knowledge current, but it also helps them develop and enjoy their work environment.

What Do BPO Companies in Lucknow Do?

The BPO Companies in Lucknow currently supports numerous services and assist businesses to cover several gaps. Capacity solutions, Supply chain, and asset management are just a few of the involved sectors. In addition, the rise of BPOs has spawned subspecialties such as:

IT-enabled services (ITES):-

This kind of BPO uses IT to provide services via the internet or data network. It includes a service desk analyst, a production support analyst, and an IT analyst for the ITES BPO position.

KPO has modified BPO a little:-

Some KPO suppliers serve essential business operations, even if they are not vital to the company that employs them. For example, KPO companies may provide business and subject knowledge in addition to process competence.

LPO is a subset of KPO that includes higher-level legal work, not only lower-level legal transcribing. LPOs may write patent applications, contracts and do legal research. Some LPOs even counsel clients. Legal departments frequently hire LPOs. Expert paralegals use industry-standard databases.

RPO is a subgroup of KPO that focuses on research and analysis. RPO businesses assist corporate, biotech, investment, and marketing organizations with research and analysis.


This includes everything from reservations to hotel as well as car arrangements. Travel BPO saves money while improving client satisfaction. Airlines and travel agencies use BPO to streamline front- and back-office processes. An airline, for example, might outsource ticketing.

BPO Companies in Lucknow

BPOs are gaining popularity. If you're contemplating it for your own company, we've compiled the top reasons to start sooner with the BPO Companies in Lucknow.

Outsourcing is far cheaper than building internal procedures:-

Outsourcing can help both existing and new companies. That BPO can influence a company's future integrity is appropriate. One of the top reasons why businesses prefer selecting to outsource is to save money.

Outsourcing frees you time to develop your company:-

Running a company isn't simple, mainly if you do everything yourself. By focusing on operations, you risk leaving little or no time for strategy and growth.

Outsourcing may boost productivity:-

Working in internal premises may mean missing out on investment, process development, and training. A brand's capital spends on sustaining procedures and operating the company.

Outsourcing may help you incorporate new technology into your operations:-

Depending on your business, keeping up with eCommerce technology developments may not be a priority. But you may be losing out on more recent, more effective methods of working. However, BPO firms are constantly on the hunt for new skills.

Sourcing ensures competence in almost every area or field:-

Assurance of competence is another aspect that makes outsourcing attractive. You don't have to recruit in-house personnel or invest money in training since you know the experts working with your company operations are competent.

Choose The Best And Reliable BPO Companies in Lucknow For World Class Services

Surely for your business, you would choose the best BPO Company, and that is why you can have the best choices with the BPO Companies in Lucknow now. Despite all their losses during the pandemic, they have been keeping their head straight and offering high-quality service. The companies in and around Lucknow and the companies throughout the nation and abroad have been appreciative of the kind of service these companies have been imparting.

Rather than concentrating on their payments, they are more concerned about the quality of their service and client satisfaction feedback. These humble traits have made them come closure to the leading merchants in India and the whole world. So if you are thinking of shining high with your business, this is perhaps the best choice for you now.

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