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Why Choose Us For Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

If you've used Google & other search engines to promote or advertise your business, you've seen ad spots on the top and bottom of your search results. SEO or Search Engine Optimization influences rankings in the "natural" section of the results list. Pay-per-click emphasis is on keyword advertising. These ads use the promotional form known as pay per click advertisement, or PPC for short. Pay-Per-Click is often referred to as SEM or Search Engine Marketing. These paying advertisements enable companies from & around the country to boost business with their goods or services. Vicdigit Technologies offers the best PPC services in Lucknow.

In brief, search engines feature the ad on the page, & you pay "per click" when prospects/visitors click on the ad. If they see your ad & don't click on it, you don't pay for it. Adwords marketing can be an incredibly successful method of advertising. But only if you execute a carefully tailored strategy to ensure measurable outcomes at an acceptable expense. You need a PPC specialist to handle the campaign & budget with surgical accuracy. From strategy, optimization to implementation. That's how companies could thrive online.

Pay Per Click Services in Lucknow

Choose the Right PPC Services in Lucknow.

For PPC advertisements, you pay to advertise on popular search engines. You pick effective keywords, and you pay for them as prospects click on your ads. You will pay from a rupee to even hundreds of rupees on the most competitive keywords. Your advertisements are seen for free, and you just pay for prospects who click.

At Vicdigit Technologies, the best PPC Company in Lucknow, our task is to pick the right keywords that are meaningful & to draw real customers. Then we refine the campaign Regularly to make the campaign successful. We also build an ad copy to discourage those less interested from clicking on your ads, leaving the click & your ad budget to more interested users!


Strategic Keyword Recommendations

Keyword strategies are crucial for the development of winning search engine marketing campaigns. Your keyword strategy should include choosing high-performance keywords that drive the related traffic to your business. Selecting the appropriate keywords for ads will make a difference in your efforts & decide how well your advertisements perform on Google & other search engine platforms. Although it's nice to have some common keywords as part of your PPC keyword strategy, the most searched keywords seem to be broader & more costly.

Bid Management

Bid management is the method of strategically raising & lowering the keyword offers to make the most of your Google & other search engine advertising budget. Your bid will affect where the Google ads appear in the search results & decide how much you spend each time anyone clicks on your ad. You'll need the expertise of an accomplished agency such as Vicdigit Technologies, the best PPC Company in Lucknow.

PPC Copywriting

PPC ads are a very useful tactic. With a straightforward headline & summary, you bring your company & brand in front of an audience who's waiting for exactly what your company has to offer. You will grab fresh leads for your nurturing campaigns. Also, encourage a purchase from someone who becomes a loyal customer. Vicdigit Technologies offers the best PPC services in Lucknow, contact us for more information.

Performance Reporting

Performance reports provide clients with a full and intelligible results analysis. They're not just for providing figures, but describing them and showing what happened periodically. Performance Reporting is a straightforward and essential report explaining key facts. Data analysis converts a PPC marketer into a storyteller.

Remarketing Ads

Ads remarketing is a type of online advertisement that allows websites to display targeted ads to users who have already visited their site. Past visitors can see these advertisements when surfing the internet, viewing YouTube videos, or reading news pages. Remarketing, also regarded as retargeting, will significantly increase your ROI & conversion rates. This is because past site users who are now acquainted with your brand are far more likely to become consumers or to carry out other meaningful acts on your site.

Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads lets you connect to users who are browsing Google for the services you provide. Your advertisements will appeal to consumers in your area, & you will only pay if you are contacted specifically by a customer with an ad. You'll need the expertise of an accomplished agency such as Vicdigit Technologies, the best PPC Company in Lucknow.


Search Advertising

Search advertising, also regarded as paid search advertising, Google advertising, & search engine marketing. It is a marketing method that places online advertisements on search engine result pages. Businesses place ads in the search results of search engines by paying a small fee every time a user/visitor clicks on one of their ads.

Display Advertising

Display advertising applies to the practice of advertising a product or service through visuals. This includes images & videos on publisher website networks such as the Google Display Network, Facebook, etc. Display advertisements are placed on related third-party websites in the form of banners, images & text ads. Display ads are more or less a broad concept that encompasses any graphic advertisement displayed on a website.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing(SMM) uses social media platforms to communicate with your audience & establish your brand, boost revenue & drive web traffic. This includes posting excellent content on your social media pages, listening to & engaging your followers, reviewing your results, & running social media ads. Vicdigit Technologies offers the best PPC services in India.


Remarketing, also regarded as retargeting, is a technique to deliver tailored advertising to users who have previously visited or taken action on your website. Remarketing can be used to advertise a certain product or deal. It helps to reach specific sales targets, such as lead generation. In eCommerce, for example, an advertisement can be used to minimize the abandonment of the shopping cart. It's achieved by showing the product that the customer applied to the cart, then left the site without buying.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads, aka Product Listing Ads (PLAs), are product-based advertising that runs across Google & Google Shopping for product searches. Google Shopping Ads can be an extremely powerful marketing channel. You can reach unique consumer search requests with clickable images at the top of the search results above the organic results.

Mobile Advertising

The concept of mobile advertising refers to all forms of advertising that occurs on mobile devices, such as smartphones & tablets. Businesses advertise on these devices via text advertising or SMS or banner advertisements that display on a mobile platform. They can also be found via downloadable applications, including smartphone games.

What Makes Us the Best PPC Advertising Company in India?

Effective pay-per-click strategies rely on a variety of considerations, most of which are discussed above. There is an exhaustive list of tasks that we carry out to set up a PPC campaign. We refine it regularly - run weekly and monthly checks. Vicdigit Technologies delivers the best PPC services in Lucknow. We work tirelessly to achieve your objectives through meaningful strategies & activities, which may include:

  • Keyword research
  • Bidding & keyword strategy to drive higher converting visitors
  • Structuring campaigns & ad groups
  • Competitive research
  • Ad copywriting for your pay-per-click ads
  • Split testing of keywords, variations, & identifying the best ROI
  • Optimizing keyword bids daily - reducing costs & increasing leads
  • Split testing to find best performing ads.
  • Track the performance of visitors/customers who reach your website.
  • Determine which keywords are producing qualified prospects & sales.
  • Retargeting or remarketing ads, bringing previous visitors back to you.
  • Regular reporting & helping you see what is working best.

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