PHP Developer

PHP Developer Responsibilities and Duties :

  1. Conducting thorough analysis of website requirements.
  2. Write back-end codes to develop back-end portals with an optimized database and building efficientl PHP modules.
  3. Troubleshooting codes and applications to resolve issues.
  4. Integrating data storage solutions.
  5. Creating back-end features and testing web applications.
  6. Contribute in all phases of the web development lifecycle and responding to front-end developer requests.
  7. Updating and improving features to optimize performance.

React Developer

React Developer Responsibilities and Duties :

  1. Strategizing on user interface ideas with the development team.
  2. Identifying user interactions.
  3. Reviewing interface design and application requirements.
  4. Using React concepts to develop and implement responsive UI components.
  5. Writing interface codes with JavaScript and react.js workflows.
  6. Troubleshooting codes and applications to resolve issues.
  7. Developing front-end architecture that aligns with UI concepts.
  8. Monitoring, improving, and uodating front-end architecture to enhance performance.

WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer Responsibilities and Duties :

  1. Creating front-end design architecture.
  2. Designing and building front-end of the website.
  3. Generating WordPress plugins and themes.
  4. Integrating database with server.
  5. Designing and managing back-end.
  6. Troubleshoot issues.
  7. Conducting web testing to analyze performance.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Responsibilities and Duties :

  1. Creating, executing, and monitoring all digital marketing campaigns for clients.
  2. Establishing KPIs that measure ad campaign performance across all digital platforms.
  3. Preparing reports on the performance of each digital marketing campaign.
  4. Building social media profile for our clients.
  5. Monitoring ad campaign budgets.
  6. Identifying the latest trends and tools affecting diverse industries.
  7. Creating overall growth strategy of our clients.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Responsibilities and Duties :

  1. Planning design concepts for clients.
  2. Designing concepts as per relevant material and information of specific industries.
  3. Co-ordinating with the marketing team as and when necessary.
  4. Accomplishing tasks before due dates.
  5. Creating layouts and graphics including logo, product illustrations, and web-based software like photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  6. Reviewing and altering design as per client's requirements.

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