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It is estimated that 53 percent of website visits would be abandoned if the website takes more than three seconds to load. In comparison, almost 50 percent of people expect that the website would load in less than two seconds. If your E-Commerce website's efficiency is lacking, your competitor's website would be where your audience escapes. Vicdigit Technologies is the top E-Commerce Web Design Company in India.

The speed of the E-Commerce website influences more than just user experience. It also plays an important part in search engine optimization. In comparison, fast loaded E-Commerce websites tend to have better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. Your store's search rankings will drop if search engines determine your website is loading more slowly than expected. When we build an E-Commerce website, we take the search engine optimization, user experience & page speed seriously for both smartphone and desktop shopping experience.

E-Commerce Web Design Company in India

It is imperative that your future e-commerce platform is built with speed & efficiency in mind. Our E-Commerce developers take into account the value of site speed when designing a marketplace. To ensure that your website loads rapidly, our E-Commerce developers regularly optimize product images, reduce and combine scripts, defer off-page assets, facilitate GZIP compression, and more!

Mobile-Friendly - Responsive Ecommerce Designs

More than 50 percent of the traffic on the website comes from smartphone devices. With this in mind, it is imperative that mobile shoppers can easily and securely access your website on mobile devices. Not just that, offering support to smartphone shoppers is considered the best practice in E-Commerce SEO. Google will lower your website's organic search ranking if your platform does not have enough service for smartphone devices. You can prevent this by partnering with an E-Commerce Web Design Company that can build a mobile-friendly platform.

You can get a responsive, custom E-Commerce website when you choose our E-Commerce Web Design & Web Development, WordPress Web Design, Website Redesign Service. A responsive interface means that the website looks and operates perfectly on devices ranging from smartphones to laptops. Our E-Commerce Web Design Company in Lucknow has the expertise to develop mobile websites that appear appealing on any screen scale.

Best of all, we can integrate your responsive E-Commerce site design into Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce. Getting your responsive website built into a successful e-commerce platform would guarantee that you are ready for years to come. If you're looking for a quick E-Commerce platform or a comprehensive E-Commerce creation with custom design or programming specifications, our E-Commerce Web Design Company has got you covered.

SEO-Friendly E-Commerce Development

When our team builds your site, we will incorporate industry best practices to ensure that your eCommerce platform is SEO-friendly. Before launching your new eCommerce platform, we can set up any required 301 product and category page redirects. We can also build automated XML sitemaps, customize E-Commerce conversion tracking, comprehensive mobile experience analysis, and more!

The launch of your E-Commerce platform is just the beginning. If you are serious about growing organic traffic, you should also consider our SEO services. Vicdigit Technologies is the top E-Commerce Web Design Company in India & is ready to meet all your digital needs.

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